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The heart and development of Omega Cellars centers around its founder, Frank Natsis.


It begins with an idea that dates back many years – back to a time when Frank was still a child living back in Artemision, Greece. Work ethic, dedication, and attention to detail were instilled in this young boy as he observed and helped his father tend to the family farm. It was hard work, but then again, hard work is nothing new to the Natsis family.  Frank would often repeat to his children as they were growing up, "there are no short-cuts in life; do things the right way and you can later sit back and see how the fruits of your labor have rewarded you.”


After immigrating to Canada in 1960, that work ethic and attention to detail served Frank and his family well over time.  Frank became a successful chef and restaurant owner, a career that spanned forty years.  Even with the success achieved in the restaurant business, the yearning to “work” the land was still alive and burning within him.  Owning land and tilling the soil is a solid foundation for creating a legacy.  This is something Frank wished to pass on to his children. Thus, in late 1990, the legacy began - the original vineyard was purchased on Locust Tree Road and our first vines, Chardonnay, were planted.


However, it became clear that the family wished for more.  “Why not make wine for ourselves” became a repeated theme, and, as a result, the transition from the restaurant business into the wine business took place.  Omega Cellars was established in 2002 by Frank and his two sons, Jim and George.


Our philosophy is simple: quality, quality, quality.  In order to craft a distinctive and well balanced wine, you must first start with the quality in the vineyard and the grapes produced from this vineyard.  Our estate vineyards, consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Malbec, Merlot, Mourvedre, Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah, and Syrah produce small quantities of grape clusters.  The result is wines that embody intense color, concentration and depth.


In the end, the objective is to promote a style of wine that exceeds your expectations and compliments the cuisine of your choice. We thank you for your support and for visiting or website, and look forward to your visit at our winery. Cheers!!!

Jim (in green) & George (blue)

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